February 20, 2017

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In correspondence with BaSeFood end, the congress

Traditional Food International (TFI-2012) has taken place in Cesena (Italy), on October 4-5 2012

At this link you can find:

  • the pdf versions of most oral presentations
  • the book of abstracts
  • the copies of most of the poster presented



BaSeFood (Sustainable exploitation of bioactive components from the Black Sea Area traditional foods)  is a collaborative research program funded by the European Commission within Theme 2: Food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology of the Seventh Framework Programme.
The BaSeFood research Consortium consists of 13 partners. Six are from all the coastal nations of the Black Sea Area: Russia, Ukraine (2), Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. The others are from Italy (2), United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal and Serbia.

The project is coordinated by the University of Bologna, Cesena Campus Branch, Italy, for the two aspects of management and finances and scientific coordination.

BaSeFood was launched on April 1st, 2009, and will last three years.

BaSeFood structure and activities have been developed around the following points, inherent to two key concepts of bioactive substances and traditional foods :

  • there is an increased concern, especially in Western, industrialised world, for chronic- degenerative diseases connected to non-optimal nutritional habits;
  • several plant components (bioactives) are presently being studied for their potential positive effects on human health;
  • unifying approaches have been taken, setting up international standards for database management and formats for data acquisition, to which BaSeFood will refer;
  • the health promoting concept is considered a potent tool to add values to food and, as such, is highly considered by the European Food industry;
  • both the science approach to the study of bioactives, and the industrial approach to product development are often lead by technology or science push, not taking sufficiently into account the chain perspective and the opinion of end users;
  • traditional foods are often considered as a concentrate of positive traits, connected to several aspect of their production chain, including positive spontaneous relation with healthy properties.
  • with respect to other areas, the Black sea region foods are still less known.

From an operative point of view, BaSeFood will contribute at scientifically studying bioactives of Black sea area traditional foods by means of rigorous analytical and biological assays, in the context of unifying methodologies and data acquisition, but also considering a vast array of characteristics of traditional foods and consumers issues, in order to put health claims in a favourable context , to be properly understood by people and exploited by stakeholders.

BaSeFood will refer to two running FP6 programs: EuroFIR and TRUEFOOD, from which methodologies and basic concepts will be mutuated.
The tuning of BaSeFood activities to broad range international priorities will be supported by a pool of External Advisors.


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